Valuations are by appointment only. However, you no longer need an appointment for viewing or attending our auctions.

Frequently asked questions

We have compiled a list of frequently asked questions which may help in troubleshooting certain issues with this website, if you cannot find the answer below please contact us and we will try and rectify the situation for you.


Why can I not find the section I am looking for?

The left hand navigation bar is arranged in the order that the departments are sold within our monthly auction, less frequent specialist sales are at the bottom of the list. Please also double check the list in case the items you are looking for are described under a more general heading.

Why can I not find what I am looking for in the departments pages?

Please click on the ’Online Catalogue’ tab from the department page to see forthcoming lots for sale. Catalogues are usually uploaded a week before each sale. If you still cannot find what you are looking for try searching for it with the search bar.

The lettering is too small to read can I make it bigger?

Most modern computers can do this for you, try pressing the ’Ctrl’ button and ’+’ or ’-’ to make the text bigger or smaller.

I click on a blue link and nothing happens/an error message appears - why?

This is may be caused when a page is renamed, removed or is no longer available. Please contact us and let us know how the error occurred and which page you were attempting to view and we will attempt to rectify the situation.

I have registered but have not received a confirmation email to activate my account why?

Confirmation emails are normally delivered within 5 minutes of registration. You must click on the link in your confirmation email to activate your account before you can sign in. If you do not receive a confirmation email, please check your own security features as it may have been filtered into a junk mail folder. If you still have a problem activating your account please email us at from the email address you used to register and we will activate the account for you.


Why can I not see any lots listed in the current auction?

It is probably too early to see these lots, please be aware that most lots will be available to see online approximately one week before the auction.

Why do I have to leave a credit/debit card when leaving a bid?

Your card details are required as security for your bids. You may choose to pay by a different method if your bids are successful; card details will only be used to make payment by the due date if there is any default by you to do so.

Do I have to pay with the same debit/credit card I secured my bid with?

No, as outlined in the above answer you can pay with any of the accepted payment methods.

I have left a bid by accident/entered the wrong bid amount, can I retract my bid?

You can retract/amend a bid if the lot has not already been sold, this can only be rectified by calling our offices on 01903 891955 and cannot be rectified online.

What happens when I add a Lot to my wishlist?

The wishlist is designed to keep items that are of interest to you in one place so that you do not have to search for them again when visiting the site over a period of different sessions or when reading through the catalogue. You can bid on and delete these lots should you decide to at a later date. Most users find that their wishlist is a short list of Lots that may be of interest to them.

I am searching for a lot that was in a previous auction but it does not appear in my search, why?

The most common cause is that the search facility only shows forthcoming Lots in current auctions. By clicking the archive button below this search box, previously sold Lots will appear. Please note: Only illustrated Lots that sold appear in the archive. Also, any items sold before January 2009 will only appear if they were illustrated in the printed catalogue.

I have left a bid at your salerooms but it does not appear in the ’My Bids’ tab, why?

Only bids that you have placed online feature in this area, bids you have left at the saleroom will not appear here.

Why do Lots I have purchased not appear in the ’My Purchases’ tab?

If you did not give Toovey’s your email address during registration at the salerooms or when leaving a commission bid, your purchases will not show. Please call our offices to advise us of your current email address and we can rectify this problem for the future.

Can I see larger images of lots?

The majority of Lots have an illustration, by clicking more info brings up all the photos we have of this Lot. By clicking on the photo a larger photo will appear, by clicking this photo again you will see the photo in its original size.

Can I see additional photos of a Lot?

We are pleased to provide additional email images of any lot within our sale, please request one by email or by phone.


Why do Lots I have entered for sale not appear in the ’My Sales’ tab?

If you did not give Toovey’s your email address when entering your lots at the salerooms, your Lots will not show. Please call our offices to advise us of your current email address and we can rectify this problem for the future. If you have given us the same email address it may be that it is too early for the lot to be uploaded, most lots appear in this tab the week before the auction.

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