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Cigarette and Trade Cards

Nick Toovey
Nick Toovey
BA (Hons), FRSA
Toovey’s are one of the few specialist auctioneers of cigarette cards in the UK. Our sales of Cigarette and Trade Cards form part of our quarterly auctions of Paper Collectables, combined with sales of Stamps, Postcards, Photographs, Autographs and Ephemera. A good selection of cards is always offered, usually in sets or collections. Every auction has some rarer cards by publishers such as Taddy, Allen & Ginter, Cohen Weenen & Co, Duke & Sons, Kinney and B.A.T., in addition to the more common brands, such as Wills, Players, Lambert & Butler, Gallaher and Carreras. Please note that cigarette and trade cards which have been stuck in their albums sadly have no saleable value through auction.
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